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Pippin Williamson

Lover of fine beer, nature conservationist, and former tech founder

Remember babbling brooks

At one time or another, we all face difficult decisions. Today I was faced with one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions I’ve had put before me. Shortly after making a final decision, one that I’m sure will continue to haunt me for months to come, I remembered something I wrote many years ago.

As poetry goes, it’s not anything special, but the message within it gave me pause and solace.

We should always remember babbling brooks
And not worry so for yesterday
Nor the mysteries of tomorrow
For with every day will come hardships
And every night new fear
But we should always remember a babbling brook
And know even over rocks, life may run smoothly

Life has a way of throwing rocks in our way and we climb over them, stop in their shadow, or crumble under their weight. Brooks, however, always go over, so it’s good to remember babbling brooks as we worry for yesterday and fear tomorrow.

Hiking in O’Fallon Park

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Mulberry picking at the farm

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