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Pippin Williamson

Lover of fine beer, nature conservationist, and former tech founder

Category / Musings

What’s in a table

Tables are where we work, eat, drink, talk and laugh, and, most importantly, where we make new memories and recount days of the past. Some tables are made special by the people and experiences that are made and shaped around them, and others are special because of the people and experiences that shaped the table […]

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Selling my business, 26 months later

Twenty six months ago, I sold my software business.

That business consumed my focus and attention for more than a decade. It defined so much of who I was as a person and served as a timeline of history and events of my entire adult life.

Selling it was unequivocally the hardest thing I had ever done at that time. Nothing in my life had even come close to the anguish, worry, fear, and anxiety that accompanied the process of making the decision to walk away. Now two years later, I still find myself continually challenged with the mental burdens that I struggled to bare during the period leading up to the sale, and frequently reflect on the periods during, before, and after walking away.

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Solar pond

This past August my family was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 124 acres of beautiful pasture and woods land went up for sale next to us. It was the property that bordered our existing 11 acres so we were given an option to expand our acreage significantly, and we jumped on it.

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Striving for calm at work

It’s crazy at work. We hear that all the time from friends, family, co-workers, and ourselves. It’s one of the constant trends in the idle chatter that happens at get togethers, family reunions, and meetups of all kinds.

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Fiber internet, aka triumphs of rural broadband

Two years ago I wrote about the Trials and Triumphs of Rural Broadbad. The post detailed some of my experience in obtaining a decent internet connection in a pseudo rural part of central Kansas. In the end, after six months of work, my wife and I were able to get a decent connection that gave […]

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Green space

Abundant research has been done that shows the value of green space within our cities. The presence of green can have a profoundly positive effect on the mental and physical health of a city’s citizens. Unfortunately the total green space within cities tends to shrink as a population grows. While there are examples of cities […]

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Remember babbling brooks

At one time or another, we all face difficult decisions. Today I was faced with one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions I’ve had put before me. Shortly after making a final decision, one that I’m sure will continue to haunt me for months to come, I remembered something I wrote many years ago. As poetry […]

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